Our Mission

To relieve poverty for kids and youth on the streets by providing encouragement, care, safe housing, and nourishment (mental and physical).

Vision Statement

To develop leaders from marginalized groups so that they can impact their own lives and communities around them.

About Mark

Mark Tannous holds a degree in Engineering from the University of Ontario IT and works full time in the electricity sector. Through volunteer work in his native hometown of Toronto, Mark discovered his passion of helping under-privileged youth. He currently works with youth overseas, empowering them to find out what they themselves are passionate about, and helping them to make their dreams a reality through education and leadership training. He challenges them to demonstrate leadership by having them create projects that will have a tangible and positive impact within their own community. This will create double the impact since it gives the youth a chance to make a positive change in their own life, as well as in their community.

About Samson

Samson Elisante holds a University degree in Community Development with a major in Gender and Development from CDTI (Community Development Training Institute). He recently started working at St. Jude's Primary School as a student guardian. As a former street kid, Samson Elisante is fully dedicated to helping other street kids reach their dreams and goals. During his triumph from street kid to professional Samson maintained his connections and relationships with the kids and youth from the streets, and mentoring them where he can. Samson is the founder of the Street Kid Picnic, a event that has reached out to hundreds of street kids in Arusha.

The Street Kid Picnic

Founded by Samson Elisante in October of 2011. The purpose of the picnic is to change society’s perception of street children in Arusha, Tanzania. This is achieved by hosting a picnic event that will unite the community and the street kids. Guests are able to enjoy a hot meal, fruit, and juice. Additionally, street kids are provided with hygienic products to wash their clothes and bathe. Since the first picnic, we have had close to 20 picnics, and reached out to nearly 300 street children. More updates to come

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